8th grade -  Jon and drummer Barry Smith start "The Intruders" with Ray Schilcher and
bassist Tony Tesauro. Tony, several years older, sells Jon a Fender Jaguar.
He then sells Ray a Fender Jazzmaster. There's some question as to where
these instruments came from. Maybe they fell off a truck...

Influenced by the hit single Green Onions, Jon writes his first couple of 
instrumentals. The Intruders record, cutting an acetate at Blaise Rizzo's.


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The group then expands, adding Smiley Matthews on organ

Later they added Smiley's brother Dusty
on vocals, Tom Read on bass and 

Dave Brown, 2nd vocal. 

They win a "battle-of-the-bands" and subsequently perform at The New York World's Fair.

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     "Game of Love"


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