9th grade, here come The Beatles! Jon says "goodbye" to what had become The
"Fabulous" Intruders, bossa nova, and The Book of Love and "hello" to the
British Invasion. 

Jonny and drummer extroardinaire, Johnny Dotson take the
train into NYC where they buy suede Beatle boots. The Critters are born.
The confusion was complete when The Critters release Younger Girl. Jonny and
the Critters had been into The Lovin Spoonful, playing that very song at
high school dances WAY before it hit the charts. Naturally everybody assumes
The Critters are The Critters. Do they enlighten? Ha!

The Critters record in NYC at JAC Studios. They have two sessions, at the
2nd they record 4 originals, two by Jon and two by Tommy Read, the bass
player. Jon's songs are influenced by his favorite band, The Zombies. The
intro to "It Is Time", which starts out with a rousing 3-2-1! is a direct
result of the hit by The Young Rascals, Good Lovin'. Tom's tunes are
influenced by the Animals.

It is Time                       Me & You

The Critters go through the normal dance called personnel change. Guitarist
Kelly Wright comes on board. Roger Young, with a Hammond and 2 Leslies. The
name is now The Sticky Wickets. Jon's mom came up with the name.

Jon goes to his first concert at Wilton High School. The Young Rascals are a
real eye-opener.

The Wickets are now playing all over the area, for high schools, country
clubs, teen dances, battles- of-the-bands. Playing tunes by The Animals, The
Zombies, The Kinks, The Rascals, The Spoonful, The Beatles and The Rolling

The Sticky Wickets most exciting gig? Opening for The Lovin Spoonful.
Leaving the show, drummer Johnny Dotson gets his shirt ripped by excited
girls! The episode is written up in the Norwalk Hour, "Wickets have Sticky
Time, too."

It was not to last... But it wasn't the end either.

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