Jon leaves for College at Syracuse University.

The days of psychedelia are here and so is The Glass

Long hair, mustaches, granny glasses, beads even. There is very little
left of that experience, no tapes, no band photo. It must've been the
marijuana induced haze and it's indeed unfortunate. In retrospect, The Glass
Eye was the band with the most chemistry, the most potential. Too bad they
never reached it but the bass player was a speed freak and that caused

Jon began writing songs in earnest, using a reel-to-reel Roberts tape
machine. He was really cranking the tunes out, his grades suffered. Donovan
was big and Jon's songs from this period definitely showed that influence.


In the spring of '69 he joins Berceuse, replacing their guitarist who
hot-foots it to Canada to avoid the draft. 

Over the summer Berceuse is the
house band at The Forefathers Inn, Kennebunkport, Maine. Jon had a
motorcycle now, to go with the long hair and beard. He thought he was pretty
cool. All of what? 20 years old? Those were wild times. 

Better believe it.

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