Love & romance led Jon away from Santa Cruz, to a place in the Midwest, that
place being Minnesota. He was absolutely blinded by love, he'd never liked
winter one bit.

Now in Northfield, home to Carleton and St Olaf colleges, Jon started yet
another band. Flight Time took a dive shortly after takeoff.

Am I Blue?

In 1980, Jon and Connie's first son was born. On a trip to Jon's hometown of
Norwalk, Connecticut, they went to hear his old friend Tom Schulz play at a
honky tonk. He was playing country music! And man, Jon took note that they
were really packing them in! They were making good money and it kind of
looked like fun. Jon thought, hey, hmmm, and upon return to Northfield he
put together The Kitty Younger Band.

He bought Tony Lama boots, a cowboy hat, shirts with embroidery. The group
was wildly popular at VFW halls, supperclubs. They booked wedding dances by
the score. Even did some 5-nighters at The Holiday Inn.



They bought bigger and better gear, a truck. Jon even wrote some
country-rock songs. Oh-my-God!


Stallin', Missin', Rustin'

Personalities grew, personalities clashed, the band went on for a while, but
without Jon.

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