In the late '90's Jon read a novel by Carl Hiaasen called
Striptease. He really dug it. He thought he could maybe write in that vein.
Over the next couple years he wrote 2-and-a-half crime fiction novels having a

rock 'n roll backdrop and an absurdist bent. Of the many publishing 

houses that were queried, there were no takers.

In the year 2000, two things happened. He bought a Philips CD burner with
two trays. This meant he could burn cds off of cds. It also meant he could
mix his analog tapes down to cd. It was very exciting, being able to produce
product of a higher fidelity than previously possible. It brought about a
renewed interest in recording and also revitalized his songwriting which had
kind of slacked off.

Jon began performing solo in Northfield, at The Tavern Lounge. He began
writing new songs. Lo and behold his approach to lyrics had changed! Why? It
was those crime fiction novels he'd written! He'd morphed into a

The first sign of this can be seen on his self-titled cd, a song called
Libby & John. Jon took a passage from his first novel, Raging Hormones, and
set it to music.

He established and posted the song on an MP3 site. Here's kind of an amusing
story: When posting a song, the poster has to designate what category it
falls into, be it rap, country, folk, alternative etc. One of the choices
was adult. Jon thought, well, ok, they've got a category for me! He'd been
thinking of late that his was music for adults. Ha, ha, ha, adult turns out
to be x-rated! The funny thing is, the song zoomed up the charts! It made it
to #29 !!! This is out of the zillions of entries. It even found fans in Japan!


On Jon's follow-up cd, Thanks to the Skunk! there are more examples of the
Hiaasen influence. There is another narrative. This one, Juany's Rat, Jon
lifted straight out of his novel titled The Deep End.

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Juany's Rat     

But it was more than just the narratives. Jon was establishing characters in
most of his songs now, putting them in strange situations and letting them

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