Thanks to the computer and email, he'd also re-established his friendship with James Simmons. They began

to send stuff back and forth, music and lyrics, looking for input.

Jon's CD, Frankie Said, released in 2003 was an ambitious project.

14 brand new songs on which Jon played all of the instruments, including acoustic guitar, upright bass, saxophones, mandolin and percussion.

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At the end of September, 2006, Jon released SHORT CIRCUIT. 

This time Jon went electric, and decidedly back to his rock roots. No saxophones, no upright bass or mandolin. "Short Circuit" features Jon on his primary instrument, guitar. This is not just any old electric guitar, though. Jon takes his acoustic, slaps on a magnetic pickup, feeds it through tubes, distortion, JangleBox compression, Lex 'verb, and then rides that wild little animal, bringing forth something distinct, alive and original.


"Short Circuit" can be found at CdBaby.com


In 2011, Jon released a CD of epic proportions.

Jon Manners - Rock-A-Day Jonny

This is a fully realized production of great material, with a full band. The band of course is populated by a guitarist, stand up bassist, mandolin player, horn section, and vocalist, all named Jon Manners. Veteran Session drummer Steve Jennings added kick to the already spicy mix.

You can hear clips and buy Rock-A-Day Jonny at:




In 2012, Jon decided to try something a little different.

He recorded 12 songs live in the studio with just himself on acoustic guitar and vocals...

Just the way he plays most gigs.


He wants as many people to hear this as possible, so he released

"Roots Rockaday"

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Roots Rockaday



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